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Vulnerability is being honest with your thoughts and feelings, being open with your doubts and fears about an idea, an associate’s performance, or your own performance, and being able to admit mistakes openly. Being vulnerable frees us from the need to control and allows us to be truly dependent on others. You don’t really succeed at anything in an organization byyourself. By taking the risk of being open, others on your team are more likely to take a similar risk. Your wins are greater and more frequent, and you experience new levels of loyalty and commitment. Choosing to be vulnerable is a risk. Not everyone will respond in kind. Not everyone will be kind. Most however, will respond with openness, appreciation and respect. It allows people to see you as human and frees you up from ridiculous expectations that no one can live up to.

Vulnerability is an expression of humility, a long sought after and not often found quality in leadership today. People will follow humility, mixed with strength.

Why is vulnerability important to your business?
When leadership expresses vulnerability, it makes you real to those you influence. It empowers you to lead from who you really are and not who you would like people to think you are. It removes the self-imposed restraints of unrealistic expectations.