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Training Description

Being courageous is having the mental and moral strength to stand for what you believe in as a leader, and to clearly articulate who you are as a leader. It is the fortitude to persevere in the midst of being misunderstood, and resolve in the face of difficulty and opposition to stay true to your ideas. In being courageous we identify a personal creed for your leadership. We help you define what leadership is to you and how you act upon it. We are helping leaders and potential leaders to begin to solidify the reason they lead (or want to), how they lead and what they will accomplish with their leadership.

Why is being courageous important to your business?
Without leadership courage there is an unsettled state; like a wave in the sea being tossed back and forth by the wind – you waver back and forth. With the presence of leadership courage, we are stable and confident because we are anchored to a core set of principles we subscribe to as a leader. Being courageous allows us, in the midst of a storm, to set our sail and trust the course when the “way” may not be.