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  • Potential

    There are times in my job when I wonder, “Can I get better at my job?” The heart behind this question is one that desires to do a better job, gain more expertise, make a greater impact. I don’t doubt the validity of my heart. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve learned to doubt the […]

  • Give of Yourself

    There’s something that happens around here at The Game Changers, Inc. at the end of each year. It has nothing to do with leadership at first thought. At second thought, it just might. Give it a little time and you’ll realize that it has everything to do with leadership to us. We believe in helping […]

  • Keep Learning!

    I recently attended a leadership summit. It struck me that my two favorite speakers were both speakers from the previous year. They both provided content similar to the year before. And I remembered it. Well, I remembered most of it. Actually, it was probably more like some of it. Shoot, who am I kidding? There […]

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