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  • With Fear or Purpose?

    What motivates your leadership? There are a variety of answers to this question, and many of them are good ones. There are also some poor answers to the question as well. I was a part of a conversation the other day that raised the following question: Do you lead from a place of fear or […]

  • Examine the Living…not Just the Dead

    Recall a past failure (because we all have plenty to choose from). Did you dread the meeting that was sure to come in the next days to get to the bottom of it? Every aspect would be examined to figure out what went wrong, who was at fault, where would the blame fall and how […]

  • Strength and Humility

    I was recently reading Colin Powel’s book, It Worked For Me, and came across this quote: “I want folks who are smarter than I am, but who neither know it nor show it.” Within these words lies one of the great dualisms of leadership: strength and humility. These two character traits can be considered opposites, […]

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